Baby Memory Book

Baby Memory Book

About Us - Baby Memory Book

If I had a dollar for every time I said to myself, ‘Right! I will record my baby’s milestones today, I would definitely be a millionaire by now. As all mums know, this is not as easy as it sounds! While running from one chore to another, finding time to spare to do such joyful tasks can be quite difficult.

To record all those precious moments for myself, I always wanted to go the extra mile and do anything to jot them down, even if just to grab the closest sticky note. Sometimes, I even traded sleep for it as well, but of course, that didn’t always end in a happy mum the next day. Even worse is when I couldn’t find my random sticky note that I wrote something on. Would I want to let any of those moments slip through mum’s fingers just because they don’t have enough time or energy? Absolutely not!

When my son was born, we instantly knew that he was so similar to my husband. No surprise there! We asked my mother-in-law whether she had some diary (or anything really) from when he was a baby - we thought it would be fun to compare if she has something. To our surprise (or not), she did!!! She wrote everything on a sticker calendar that she still has, over 30 years ago!!

She kept one for both of her boys and what a precious moment it was when we started going through it and realised that my son actually is a carbon copy of my husband! I think all mum’s deserve that feeling of happiness that I felt and my mother-in-law felt sharing those memories with me.

This is where the idea of a baby memory book came into my life. I know, there are mobile apps that are great for storing memories, until… you drop your phone or put it in a washing machine and ruin it (true story), or you just want something physical that you can actually touch and flip through later.

So… I introduce a calendar-like memory book where you can collect all your precious memories and milestones. Too busy for that? Don’t worry! We have them in the form of a sticker book. No need to write anything (you can if you want obviously); just peel off one of our stickers, and there you go. Be it the first tooth or the first epic poo, use our stickers and easily store your memories and baby’s milestones forever.

With these effortless baby memory books, you can enjoy your little ones’ precious moments now and when maybe they have a little one of their own!