Sleep, eat, feed repeat- Newborn in the house!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

The story of a baby-birth doesn’t end with labor, postpartum, #C-section, and lacerations. More important is the #newborn stage; a time when you take your #baby home while thinking out of uncertainty and trepidation, how to take care of him/her relying on you for each of his/her needs. We have pulled together the some tips to help you not only survive but also enjoy this uncertain newborn stage.

Time to sleep

Sleep when your baby sleeps. Many moms mistakenly tend to use the baby's sleep time to complete any pending tasks. The key is to stick to only one task and have the rest of the time for yourself. This is because the tasks never stop. Trust me- dirty dishes are very patient, they will still be there when you wake up! Best way -one task per nap time, and once you’re done, take a nap yourself.

Stay Organized

Part of the problems of the newborn stage is the sense of always having to play catch up. You strive to find the nearest burp cloth as the baby spat up. Bathing a wet, slippery baby seems impossible. Trying to choose what to do next messes your mind with even more work to do.

Instead, know the ways to stay organized with your newborn to get less overwhelmed, starting with these tips:

  • Pack a diaper bag the night before you have a visit to the pediatrician

  • Put a nursing pillow and burp cloth close, ready for mid of the night feedings

  • Lay the diaper, socks, pajamas, and diaper cream of the baby out on your bed for easy dress up after baby bath

  • Make a schedule for home cleaning and laundry

  • Have everything handy when changing your baby

Make a Routine

Routines significantly help you to better flow to your days. Otherwise, you will keep thinking about what to do next, while your baby wants the reassuring predictability he/she needs.

Make a routine to signal your baby what next to expect. For example, do the same things in the same order, like having a play, nap, and feed pattern throughout the day. This gives your baby a steady routine to rely on.

Ask for help from your partner

It is best to take a break from your baby care by giving turns to your partner. Turns are essential for partners to get much-needed breaks from their responsibilities. For instance, while your partner takes care of a baby for an hour or two, you can take an extended nap, go for a coffee.

A walk

The newborn stage is unusual: On one hand, you have just no time, while on the other, you find ourselves with nothing to do. One of the best ways to enjoy the newborn stage is to take your baby for a walk. Most babies even sleep in the baby carrier. You can walk to the park, mall, around the neighborhood, or even a grocery store, to take a break and finish your shopping.

Fine-tuning to a newborn stage doesn’t happen overnight; however, after following these tips, your newborn stage will pass easily, —but shrill cries and mid-of-the-night wake-ups still included.

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