10 best Baby shower gifts

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Which baby shower gifts are going to be the best for moms-to-be? Though there are many options, the best ones are both practical and rich in sentimental value. This article presents the 10 best baby shower gifts that are the best ways to keep up with your baby.

Hand knitted Items

We call these long-lost baby treasures the gifts from the heart. Crafted with hands, the knitted hats, blankets, cardigans and booties top the list of our best baby shower gifts. Heirlooms like crocheted baby dresses also make a gift presenting so much love and care.

Baby Blankets

Bedding items like baby blankets and others are admired highly by moms. Popular choices include hand-knitted baby blankets, fleece blankets made with silk ribbons and tags around the edges, and satin-trimmed blankets. These gifts can be made highly-personalized.

Nappy Shower

The nappy-themed showers are highly popular being something unique. For instance, a beautiful nappy cake, a supply of nappies made into a cake shape, maybe two or three-tiered, and decorated with soft toys and silk ribbons, can be a pretty, practical, and unique centerpiece.

Nappy changing bag

A well-stocked nappy changing bag that can be kept in a pushchair or a car, is a great hit with a lot of moms. A back-up bag doesn’t let them forget their baby essentials that usually include nappies, muslins, nappy creams, and cloth bibs. Some moms also keep in there some spare baby clothes, a thermometer, and a teething ring. dummy

Baby Carrier

Baby carriers, another great hit with moms-to-be, are fitted with an adjustable bucket seat, provide low back support with enhanced comfort, and have a broad wraparound waistband that is ideal for the postpartum tummy. Baby carrier’s extra padded straps distribute the baby's weight evenly and thus, the baby carrier makes a smart and impressive baby shower gift choice.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers make the best practical presents, especially for moms who already have kids. A lump sum to buy nappies, wipes and other baby essentials are high on our list of best baby shower gifts. Another popular deal is a gift voucher, for instance, from the professional photographer's studio. Pictures taken during the baby's initial months aren't only a lasting memento of the baby but also serve as a reminder of the person who gifted it.


The plush toys fixed to a medical-grade silicone pacifier are easy for infants to grip and hold, making it vital for moms who just cannot put the pacifier back into the baby's mouth one more time. Pacifiers are available in different shapes, from dragons to lions to lambs, and make a cute and practical baby shower present.

Belly mask

Baby showers are not only about babies but also for moms who need more care after their pregnancies. Let them treat themselves with special belly masks containing ingredients such as Aloe Vera to smoothen aching skin and propolis that lessens stretch masks being a natural antioxidant obtained from honey bees. It makes a great pampering gift even for perfect bellies.

Monthly Milestone blanket

Moms are not able to stop taking pictures of their babies once they're born. The monthly milestone blankets, for instance, the one comes with a flower crown to mark the months, and a beautiful floral circle where the baby can lie for pictures, are appreciated by moms when they look back the pictures they took of their baby the first year.

Baby Memory Book

Every child comes and grows with unique memories that moms surely capture. A baby memory book clubbed with a calendar with milestone stickers can be used to mark when the baby hits the milestones- such as saying the first word, standing for the first time, starting to walk, having a first tooth, etc.

I hope you would have loved these adorable baby shower gift ideas. Share your choices with us as well as your memorable baby experiences. We would love to know about it.

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