10 most common misconceptions about having a baby

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Expecting labor soon or just got done with a baby birth? It is not necessary to forego your caffeine habit fully. You can walk. You can do all the routine activities you were doing before. For sure, some baby advice is helpful, while some are just plain wrong. This article presents the 10 most common misconceptions about having a baby that you should immediately stop believing in.

1. You should avoid exercise

This is a 100% myth, even before, during, and after pregnancy. Doing moderate exercise is better for you and your baby as it keeps you active, safe, and healthy. Do gentle exercises like walking, moderate jogging, etc.

2. Don’t dye hair

You don’t have to have bad and messy hair for 9 months; thanks to research proving that it is not hazardous to dye your hair in pregnancy or just after having a baby. Don’t use high chemical doses though.

3. Eat for Two

Since a child is dependent on a mother for food, both before and after birth, women are often advised to eat double. This is a misconception. You normally need to have 200 extra calories only on the top of 2000 daily recommendations. And it is only in the third semester. So, don't eat extra to avoid being overweight later.

4. You can’t travel

Planning for a babymoon but afraid of a miscarriage? Well, this is a misconception that air traveling essentially leads to such loss, unless there are pregnancy complications. If you are in good health with low pregnancy risk, all you need to travel is a letter from your midwife and travel insurance. Enjoy the freedom of vacationing without youngsters if you can. It brings positive impacts for you and your baby's health.

5. Avoid Sex

Sex will not harm you and your baby during and after pregnancy if you have a healthy pregnancy. For many women, sex is even better as it increases the blood flow in the pelvis area. Consult with your midwife to clear any concern. If you don't have to bleed, cervical weakness, or low-lying placenta problems, gentle sex is fine.

6. Infants can’t see

Let's talk about some of the misconceptions about a baby itself. There is a misconception that newborn babies can't see. However, the truth is that they have a blurry vision but can surely see. Research says that babies of two weeks or more can even see in color and can differentiate red from green. Before two weeks, they see only black and white.

7. Baby walkers help babies learn walking

It is not true. Walkers are dangerous, on the contrary. As newborns can't see their feet, they can easily encounter an accident. Walker gives mobility to babies who are not ready for it. As a result, their muscles are pushed to work in a way that wouldn't be normal.

8 You have unexpected cravings

As opposed to popular misconception, not every mom-to-be experiences strange cravings like pickles and random foods. Cravings are stimulated due to hormonal changes that affect smell and taste. These are never due to being pregnant.

9. Excessive crying means baby is sick

This is not always the case. Research says that it takes healthy energy to fuel a loud cry. Crying is the first-way baby uses for communication. If the baby doesn't have a fever, is breathing normally, is not bluish, moving arms and legs doesn't have injuries, fed well and has normal bowel routine, he most likely is not sick.

10. Eating spices induces labor

Eating lots of spicy foods doesn’t induce labor, contrary to the popular misconception.

I hope you have found these misconceptions quite interesting as well as relatable. Comment in the comment box below to share your experiences.

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