The Art of Organizing with A Baby

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

You read the title and might have immediately thought about how an organized life is possible with a baby? While we agree that staying organized with a baby is difficult, with lots of laundry, activities, feeding, cooking, baby cleaning, house cleaning, carpooling, etc., there are ways to make it possible. Whether you are home or out, it's easy to lose the track of your baby's stuff and get caught disorganized. Knowing the art of organizing with a baby saves you from this situation and can save lots of time.

  1. Stocking Essentials

Nothing will make you feel more disorganized and pissed off than not having your essentials on hand when in need. Stock up all your family’s and baby’s essentials which usually include:

  • Household Items: Toilet Paper, Tissues, Cleaning Supplies, Batteries, Stationary, Art Supplies, baby hair Bands/Clips

  • Toiletries: Baby Shampoo, Conditioner, baby care Products, baby towels, diapers

  • Non-perishable foodstuffs such as baby cereal, Snacks, and your favorite frozen foods.

  • Baby Items: Baby wipes, medicine box, Band-Aids, first aid box, baby toys dispenser, bottle maker, baby food maker, baby baskets, etc.

1. Allocate a space in the kitchen for baby items

Clean your kitchen, removing all unnecessary stuff, and select a drawer or shelf for keeping baby items. Choose a bigger drawer to stock steamer sanitizing bags, breastmilk storage bags, bottles, pacifiers as well as other breastfeeding supplies.

As you shift to solid foods and formula, pack breastfeeding supplies to make some space for storing baby foods.

2. Baby clothing organizing

It’s the time to sort all your baby clothing by size (0-3-month clothes) and store them separately in a tote with the labels. You will be happy to know where the next size is as babies grow so quickly! On top of that, organizing baby clothing by size is also handy and saves time.

3. Allocate space for diaper changing

Create some diaper changing spaces in your house. Keeping all diapering supplies in one place will make frequent diaper changes a breeze. The changing table is mainly used overnight. To avoid using stairs for every diaper change throughout the day, have a caddy of diapers in your living room that is super handy.

4. Organizing in car

With a baby whom you often travel with, you also need to organize your car. Remove unnecessary stuff and stash a little bag filled with baby supplies like diapers, wipes, pairs of clothes, water bottle for cleanup, plastic trash bags, gloves, deodorant, mini first-aid kit, etc.

I hope these tips will add much to your art of organizing with a baby and help enjoy the time. Comment to share your experiences.

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